My name is Alan Fisher and for more than my 25 years I operated London Livery Ltd., the limousine company I founded in New Orleans in 1980 and later expanded to Atlanta.

Our company was a premier provider of upscale ground transportation in the South. We were the largest supplier of ground transportation to the 1996 Olympics and served as the official provider to major events including the Louisiana World Exposition, the 1987 New Orleans papal visit and the 1988 Republican National Convention.

My business partner, Oliver Delery, and I have started a new company that will make a significant difference in New Orleans’ image. We have developed a plan to launch the city’s first green taxi and car share companies.

The number one complaint from tourists visiting the city is the deplorable state of our taxicab industry. Our new company, GTC NOLA, LLC, will be the standard bearer for a “green” taxi system. Our fleet will consist entirely of new hybrid and other alternative-fuel vehicles equipped with all of the latest technologies available to the industry. Most importantly, each of our cabs will be driven by well-trained and courteous “ambassadors” to our great city.

Here is a brief summary of our taxi venture:

Vehicles: Our fleet will average 35 miles per gallon and consist of Prius, Camry and Ford Fusion hybrids, Ford Transit Connect taxis, and biodiesel vehicles.

Safety: Our drivers will undergo rigorous training and all of our taxis will be equipped with in-vehicle cameras, a safety shield, GPS tracking and an emergency light.

Technology: Each of our cabs will use computer-aided dispatch, accept reservations via smart phones and accept credit card payment.

Other benefits: Our locally based company will greatly improve our national and international image. We will be an asset to this city’s convention and tourism sectors and contribute to the “greening” of New Orleans.

GTC NOLA will simultaneously manage the city’s first car share program. Car shares are already operating in cities across the country, allowing people who don’t own a car to rent one for as little as an hour. We consider such a program an ideal fit for New Orleans, especially for residents living in the city’s denser, walkable neighborhoods where a car may come in handy on occasion but where car ownership can be an unnecessary hassle.

NOLA Car Share will be a non-profit operation whose primary benefits will include:

-Reduced parking congestion.

-Reduced need for car ownership in the city.

-Encouraging bicycling and other alternative modes of transportation.

This is an exciting time to be in New Orleans, one of great promise and possibility. We ask for your support as GTC NOLA endeavors to invest in and serve as another indicator of positive development.

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